How to Plan A successful Christian Group Retreat


A Christian retreat can be defined as a situation where an individual withdraws from the daily activities of life to spend time with God as a way of renewing their relationship with the maker. Once in a while Christian communities plan retreats where groups can go together and spent time nourishing their spiritual health. It is upon the person planning to put everything in order for the members. You need to know whether the retreat is for a day or for many days.

As you plan your Christian group church retreat locations; you need to consider some factors. The first consideration to make is the group’s profile. Find out if the majority are single or married people. Consider the age group of the majority of the members. Determining the profile helps you to understand the group and be able to tell what their common interests could be. Planning will be made easy once you understand the people as you will know what to include in the activities.

Good planning must include the venue for the retreat. Choosing the venue will be guided by what will be taking place at the retreat. You should know whether the members will conduct private session or they will have a common speaker. that will help you to know whether you need a venue with a lecture hall or one with several small rooms. In order to plan well you have to know whether the group will be spending the night at the venue or they will be going home. If the group will be spending, you will need to think of accommodation as well as food.

Time is an important factor for any retreat planning. It is upon the planner to know how long the retreat will take. There are those who will require several days but others will utilize a single day. The timing will be done according to the demands of the group involved. You will need  to plan for the time to assemble, time to leave and time to come back. You cannot leave out transportation especially if the group is going far. If you want to read more ways in planning a successful christian group retreat, check out

 There are those who will want a retreat for emotional healing. What the group wants to achieve will determine how the set up will be. The plan should be based on the need of the group or the main focus and the reason for the retreat. You may need to plan for speakers to equip the group on certain skills or abilities to deal with certain situations. Some retreats may be aimed at making the group more cohesive by playing together and mingling as well as relaxing together. For successful planning it is important to understand the group and their needs as well.


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